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The Round Valley STEP (Student Enrichment Program) Foundation is dedicated to improving education for the children of Round Valley Joint Elementary School through fundraising to enrich the educational process.  
The STEP Foundation was formed by a group of parents and teachers in 2006.  The Foundation continues operations today through parent and teacher involvment that lead to continued fundraising.  Currently, we organize three major fundraising events each year....our annual fundraising dinner in the spring/summer, our Yamatani Dinner fundraiser, and our family holiday film in the winter.  Please come out and support one of our events.  You will have a great time in the name of a great cause....our children.



STEP Foundation Contributions to Students


  • $20,000 to purchase Chromebook computers (3-8)
  • $3000 in engineering materials (Legos, building blocks, etc.)
  • $1400 yearly for music teacher (K-3)
  • $1000 in shared assemblies with PTO
  • $6000+ in granted teacher requests, including Battle of the Books, garden supplies, History Presentations, rocket engines, math manipulatives, butterfly release, Trout in the Classroom, and much more
  • $7,000 donation to the school to support iPod technology for K-3 grades
  • Funded K-3 grades trip to the Mammoth Theatre
  • $10,000 donation to the school for technology improvements
  • Funded the science class Heart Dissection Project  
  • Funded the librarian position for now and in future school years
  • Purchase of a fish tank hatchery for 2nd graders to implement and study the lifecycle of trout
  • Purchase of 60 laptop computers for student use
  • Classroom technology upgrades, including elmos and projectors in every classroom


Become a member of the Round Valley School STEP Foundation and make exciting things happen in the lives of our students and teachers.  Visit our "Contact Us" page now!