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Round Valley Elementary School


Our children are our future. In today's difficult economic times it is not possible
for the local tax base or State of California funding to provide all that is needed
for our children to have the highest quality education we can give them. 
The STEP Foundation is focused on improving education for the children
 of Round Valley Joint Elementary School through fundraising to enrich the
educational process wherever possible.                                                                                                                                                
The Round Valley School Student Enrichment Program (The STEP Foundation)
 was formed in 2006 by a group of Round Valley
Elementary parents who wanted to enrich the educational
adventure of teachers and students at Round Valley School. 
 Round Valley School offers a unique educational experience in
today's world of big schools and large class sizes.  The STEP Foundation
adds to the experience by funding items or programs that state funding may
not allow for.  Since its inception the goal of the STEP Foundation has been
to raise funds to purchase new technology, offer enrichment activities,
enhance and construct educational programs at Round Valley Elementary. 
 Funding has been achieved through annual fundraising projects, such as
our annual spring benefit dinner along with individual donations, that have
been generously supported by the community.